Zeppelin™, Inc, founded in 2013, is an online travel technology company that specializes in new methods of travel search, exploration, planning and booking.

Zeppelin™ was founded with the purpose to develop and create value within the travel industry. Using its core proprietary platforms, Zeppelin™ provides travel related businesses with essential tools while simultaneously reengaging travelers in a fragmented and fee-ridden marketplace.

Zeppelin's™ revolutionary platforms for exploring and booking travel provide users new ways to realize travel options by searching for destinations, activities, and/or broad sourced travel interests.

Businesses around the world depend on travelers to help sustain and build their communities while travelers depend on these businesses for exceptional experiences during their limited time away.

Zeppelin™ believes that providing necessary tools to both parties helps to bridge the fragmented gap and restore travel to a better era.

It's time for a new era in travel.

It's time to picture yourself traveling.

It's time for Zeppelin™!